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Lydia Jones is an average fourteen-year-old girl who stumbles into a magical disaster of epic proportions. The Darmandu, a powerful sect of wizards from another world, are set on freeing the goddess Azrena. One big problem: unleashing Azrena means destroying world. Lydia and her friends only have a week to stop the Darmandu before the world implodes, but she must face a gauntlet of trials to do it. From being chased across the South Pole, facing her biggest fears in China, and nearly eaten for dinner by ghouls in New Orleans, can Lydia survive long enough to save the world?

The Unbelievable Tale of Lydia Jones is available for sale on Amazon-

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Stephanie A. Hamlin is an independent Author from United States Midwest whose debut novel The House of Hale: Return of the Royals was published in 2022.  Stephanie A. Hamlin enjoys writing young adult and fantasy novels that can be enjoyed by all ages. When she isn't writing, Stephanie also loves to read and travel, and takes inspiration from the places she visits.

The House of Hale: Return to Hekagia

Release Date: October 1, 2023

Stephanie A. Hamlin is extremely proud and excited to share that the second book in the House of Hale Trilogy is now available for purchase! 

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